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The One Stop Partner For All of Your Marine Services


HAI IAN OIL was established in the year 2010, to address customer demands in the domains of bunkering supply, waste management service and recycling of ship waste.

The economic potential of this region has spurred the need to diversify and extend the range of our services for our customers in the marine industry. Therefore, we have built the capacity and obtained the relevant licenses to operate and manage services for the activities.

A key strength that has enabled our swift growth is the accumulated experience of our team members in various prominent areas of the marine industry. We pride ourselves as your one stop partner for all your marine services as we offer you nothing but convenience and realibility, by integrating all the services and products that you need “under our roof”.


✔     Understand that our service excellence at the front lines starts with the concept of service excellence at the top level of management.

✔     Acknowledge that the concept of service excellence must be the most prominent part of the daily operation of the organization.

✔     Understand that our people and services must be constantly calibrated to suit customer needs.

✔     Aim at the improvement of competitiveness in the marine sector.


World Class Services

To maximize customer value through world class services.

Excellence Services

to continually strive for excellence in the services we provide.

Successful Relationship

To provide services which combine performance with value pricing, which establishing a successful relationship with our customers.

Work with Utmost Devotion

To work with utmost devotion and increase the standard of organization, even during challenging situations.


We are determined in perfecting each and every of our services below:

✔    Waste Management Services

✔    Bunkering Supply Services

✔    Deslopping and Desludging Services

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